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123242, Moscow
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The Company started its activity in 1991 which enables us to be fairly considered one of the oldest commercial carriers of Russian Federation. The company is not affiliated to any of major entity of Russia’s telecommunication market which has always helped us to pursue a flexible and adaptive policy in respect of changes in the market of telecommunication services and needs of the companies using our services.

Since its foundation our Company has been constantly increasing its potential.

Reliable engineering solutions as well as application of modern standards in telecommunication in combination with the usage of modern technical means makes it possible to offer optimal solutions with high technical and economic characteristics, integration of telecommunication services on big territories.

At present our Company operates and develops telecommunication network based on the usage of terrestrial and satellite circuits. Our network points of presence are located not only on the territory of RF, Moscow and St.Petersburg but also in Kiev (Ukraine) and Frankfurt (Germany). 

To achieve high technical and economic characteristics and efficiency in projects realization we widely use in our activity cooperation with such RF carriers as Rostelecom, Sovintel, Equant, RETN, Isatel, RoylCom and many others.

We offer the users practically whole range of services asked for on telecommunication services market from traditional telephony, data transmission, VOIP, access to Internet to radio and TV transmission over IP networks.

All this demonstrates and confirms actual ability of our united team to develop even in the most difficult market situations, elaborate and support integrated telecommunication projects of any complexity in the interests of existing and potential customers both on the territory of Russian Federation and abroad.