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123242, Moscow
st. Zoologicheskaya, 2
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Equipment collocation - Data center

Business Sviaz Holding provides equipment colocation services ( equipment collocation , Rack rent ) on sites of its own Data centers in Moscow and Yaroslavl: OTCS Zoologicheskaya - Main Data-center (Zoologicheskaya street, 2),  "Koptevo" (Starokoptevskii pereulok, 7), "Arbat" (New Arbat, 36),  Yaroslavl ( Pobedy street, 16b).

  Equipment colocation (per Units)

Rate, RUB per month (excl. VAT) Rate, USD per month (excl. VAT)
Installation fee per 1U 
 1950 (NRC)

 Equipment colocation (per Month) 1U 

1 power supply port 220V (350W included),
1 port Ethernet 10/100Mbps *
4 IP addresses  network (/30) **

Extra power supply, over 350W per each 100 W (total and partial)

  Equipment colocation 1U capacity lower than 100 W

Rack and Rack place rent (3 Kw included)
Rate, RUB per month (excl. VAT)
Rate, USD per month (excl. VAT)
Installation fee per Rack/Rack place
18000 / 39000 (NRC)
 from 30500 (MRC)  
 Extra power supply over 3Kw for each 1 Kw (total and partial)
Extra power supply over 3Kw for each 1 Kw (total and partial)  with UPS device usage

 *- Free connection of server on 100Mbps speed only if channel usage doesn't exceeds 30% (traffic usage should not exceed 30Mbps). In case of exceeding this limit connection will be switched to 10Mbps or client have to order port with 100 Mbps guaranteed (price per request).
**-Network /30 includes only one IP address, which may be physically used on server, rest 3 IP-addresses are for technical use only. Extra IP addresses should be order by the client if needed.
Provided prices is informative.

To get firm price, please contact us for consultations or service connection.:

- By phone +7 (495) 797-20-20 or +7 (495) 363-06-70 Department on work with clients

- E-mail:

- Or use our Contact form (please do not forget to include your Name, Company Name, contact phone number and e-mail)


Main BSH Data-center -  it is Operational cetner of the company situiated just in the center of Moscow ( Zoologicheskaya street, 2). 

Data-center fit out with SDH, MPLS, IP, Ethernet  equipment and connected by own fiber-optic network of the company with main telecom Nodes of Moscow. Organization of channels to other carrier is possible.

Get more information about our Data center.